As of today, the world population is estimated to number 7.022 billion by the U.S Census Bureau.

We tend to hear statistics like these every single day. Perhaps in every advertising campaign we watch on TV as they try to sway our opinions in some direction based on the shocking numbers presented. Though, there are numbers worth analyzing, we have become immune to their actual magnitude due to the drowning efforts that some public groups have sunk us with.

7.022 BILLION. A number that was only a number until last month for me. Let me break it down:

-There are currently 312.8 million people in the US (or exactly 312,780,968 people if you want to be pedantic).

-It takes one thousand millions to make a billion.

Now, I’m no math wiz, but this means that it takes a little more than triple of the US population to reach the one billion mark. Then multiply that number by 7 and you have almost accounted for all the people on planet earth.

Can you imagine? 7 billion people who are all 100% different; they all possess different routines, different social circles, different jobs, different world views. And here I was, focalized in all that was my world, not realizing that the second that I stepped out of my bubble I’d realize how accompanied I was in all of my soul searching, life problems, and emotions.

For 23 days, I stepped out of the country and visited the other side of the spectrum. I kept a journal for most of the adventure, so I have decided to make the journey available for any of the 7.022 billion people who come across it.

Ready for take-off?


We’ll call this…. “The Before

Before my life was forever changed; before my eyes were opened, and before the journey truly began.

The emotion is sort of inexplicable. In fact, I may just write endlessly if I was really trying to describe the exact feeling, but right now, with a 7 hour flight ahead of me, I must attempt to capture this moment.

I hear German on the loudspeaker; the predictable symmetrical American faces have disappeared into the unknown airport crowd and all I see now is unfamiliarity. I should feel nervous and perhaps, blind, but instead I feel like someone just gave me the most unique pair of glasses that I have ever owned (and let me tell you, I’ve owned a lot).

This gift will not be taken for granted. Today I am embarking in one of the most eye opening experiences, so I intend to use my glasses to appreciate and magnify its beauty to the fullest.

This is The Before—Before the memories, before the adventures, and before the take-off.

Welcome Aboard

Wilkommen an Bord


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