There is nothing more unexpected than when things begin to work in my favor. It’s almost like I’m anticipating a piano to fall from the sky, or, the less dramatic version, to eat-it in front of my new boss.

But I won’t jinx myself.

Follow me for a quick paragraph:

The search can actually seem endless; it’s a roller coaster of emotions as you succeed some days, and completely face rejection others. Days in and days out, you question why you picked that major or how on earth you ended up on that job posting in the first place. But then….. SOMEBODY replies to your email. YOU have landed the Skype interview! In fact, YOU will be meeting with the CEO of a small PR firm next week to look over your resume! Yes, YOU.

Pure elation fills your body as you begin to fill an instant connection with the “what-ifs” of this potential job. You already see yourself dressed in your newest blazer, and scheduling your transportation to the closest metro station.  Wait until I tell you the best part. You nail your interview and within 2 days, they offer you the job.

Who, me?

Yupp, that’s pretty much how it went down. Now, I am facing my first day as the MC of Stray Boots and a different feeling is the one consuming my body. Me, talking (loudly) in front of 50 people? Not exactly the easiest first day on the job. It was definitely hard to sleep the night before, as I replayed the opening announcement in my head several times and attempted to come up with the “right” word flow.

“Welcome everyone! Today’s we’re going to be doing a scavenger hunt around Downtown San Diego [insert joke here]”

Oh God. What if I flopped in front of all those people?

(see video below for “flop” definition)

If there is one thing that I have learned fairly quickly from this drastic lifestyle change is that there is absolutely no time to be self-conscious. If you want something, you must go get it. If you get rejected, you must go harass the next victim. I once heard (somewhere along my pricey education) that the average person will hold at least 11 jobs in their lifetime—talk about anxiety.  That’s 11 interviews, 11 resumes, 11 first days, and 11 bosses.

As humans we are resistant to change. It’s hard. That’s the bottom line. No matter how outgoing, or smart, or funny you are, the first day will always be out of your comfort zone, and it will take you a significant amount of time to get the hang of it. Those are the facts—we weren’t born knowing things, we have to pursue them. The important thing is not to let the fear of the fear discourage you.

You follow?

I have accepted the challenge and signed the dotted line. From now on, once a week, I will be the Stray Boots’ Event Hostess for a group of  40+ people doing scavenger hunts in the city of San Diego. I will attempt to be the energy in the room, the witty in the joke, and the eloquent speaker.

MC here, reporting for duty. 



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