Getting back in the kitchen

Fine, I admit it. I’ve been caught. While I don’t think that many of you are eagerly biting your nails waiting for my next blog post to get published, I do feel a little ashamed about my downward diligence spiral that I currently ride. Yeah sure, let me start a blog, get a few pondering pieces out there, and then hope it maintains itself. Probably one of my worst executed ideas to this date.

Fear not folks, because she is back. My lack of commitment truly got me thinking about how so many things can slip out of our hands and minds without even really noticing. Then, we all play the classic “rationalization game” in which we convince ourselves (or get someone else to do it for us; my personal favorite) that we don’t really need what we had been aiming for.

“I mean, it would have been nice to keep a diary, but I’d rather live”

“It would have been helpful to learn Spanish, but I have other good attributes to go on my resume”

It’s kind of funny, because when it comes to shopping, the whole concept is backwards.

 “Since I don’t have a smartphone, I had to get the iTouch”

“Leather goes with everything so I’ll get the most use out this purchase”

Our minds are one twisted labyrinth I tell you. Mine, particularly, feels like one of those never ending corn mazes that can quickly turn a right turn into a wrong one due to excessive thinking. I guess that’s what I can blame my lack of commitment to (you see? I already blamed something else); over thinking, under doing. So, here I am, making peace with the fact that I have put this project on the backburner, and attempting to turn the heat back on and see what I can cook up. WOW, that was punny.

Let’s eat.


2 thoughts on “Getting back in the kitchen

  1. I think and think and think. I’ve thought myself out of happiness (or action) a million times, but never once into it. Our brains are wonderful, aren’t they? Haha

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