Cheers 2011!

I’d like to propose a toast to 2011. Although it’s hard to look back instead of forward during this time of year, I would like to acknowledge the year that was and all it has given me.

Thanks 2011!

For being a year of self discovery, reflection, and growth.

For teaching me that it is not the quantity of friends you possess, it’s the quality.

For making me more spontaneous and teaching me that sometimes a little risk is all you need to spice up life.

For the end of my junior year at JMU (the most wonderful university I was lucky to attend), and the beginning of my senior year.

For a time of great change, that while not the easiest to adjust to, one of the most eye-opening.

For a full year of being 21 (truly THE greatest year), and then the abrupt change of turning 22 (I’ll call this, the “second to greatest year”)

For keeping those most important to me, healthy and happy. ( I love you all!!!)

Cheers 2011, for being the end of a great chapter.

And you 2012, you have a lot to live up to. You will be a year of change; graduation, Europe, and joining the real world. You have kept the details very minimal on what the future holds for me, but I’m kind of diggin’ it (this is due to my new spontaneity abilities). I look forward to this brand new chapter in my life, obstacles and all, and I am confident you will keep it interesting.

Let’s do this thingy.

Happy New Years everybody! If it was a great year, celebrate the blessings, but if it wasn’t, bring on the new one with a positive attitude.

Bye, 2011.

Hello 2012. 

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