Chivalry is not dead!

It was an autumn wedding in Buenos Aires. The room was filled with about 75 Italians catching up with family members, and making small talk with distant relatives. Angela Argondizzo, at 17 years of age and literally, fresh off the boat, wore a light cream dress that hugged her silhouette, letting her legs speak for themselves. Lucy, her older sister made an appearance with dark red lips, like in the movies, in hopes of finding the perfect Italian ‘Tano’ to marry.  It was like a scene from Grease; all the young ladies stood around the room waiting for the unmistakable nod that would lead to a romantic dance.

Nunzio Cimino walked in as Pepe’s wingman, not knowing that when he saw the lady in cream, his intentions for that night would completely change.  He was only 22, but on that breezy May night, he felt like he had hit the jackpot. Confident, in his dark blue suit, fresh haircut, and classic Italian ‘stache, he decided that Angela deserved more than just a nod. Nunzio walked across the room, weaving in and out of other couples dancing, until he reached her,

“Vuoi Ballare?” he asked as he extended his hand. Lucy, who had been eyeing him all night could not believe that her younger sister was the one that had caught his attention. And the rest, like they say, was history. They moved to the sound of the music, while he whispered Italian poems about love in her ear. Soon, they were sneaking around her father to see each other; he would wait for her outside the factory where she worked just to walk her home, and wait until her dad went to the store just to kiss her goodnight.

On May 9, my nonnos celebrated their 54th anniversary, and although I adore them for their cute bickering relationship, I took a chance in asking about their first encounter. Chivalry is not dead! In fact, it was sitting across from me at my kitchen table as we all sat drinking mate.

I guess it’s safe to say that times have changed. There is no longer a “nod rule” when it comes to dancing; instead gentlemen just come up to you in a dark room and grind behind you without much talking. Hell, I tend to feel flattered if I get a cute wall post on my facebook page, but it is hard to believe that it hasn’t always been like that. Not that there aren’t those hopeless romantics roaming around anymore, but the times of simplicity have evolved to a point of no return. But on the bright side, I must say that there are more options to make the ladies feel flattered: flower deliveries or edible arrangements (if you know what’s up), cute tweet tags, romantic e-mails, or surprise TOMS Shoes at my doorstep (:

 So, it may not look the same anymore, but chivalry still lives; people still find the one they belong to &  look for ways to make them feel like that girl in the cream dress.


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