It all started with a little thought. I sat in the back of one of my writing classes, feeling my ideas wander in all sorts of directions, as the professor began his monotonic lecture. Here I was, in an Intermediate Composition course, learning absolutely nothing, yet taking in so much. I decided that I wanted to write a book. Complex task, huh? The thought began to grow bigger as I would scribble down ideas for different chapters and perspectives on millions of topics. I felt inspired, motivated, and driven. It all ended with a big idea. I let school, friends, partying, and anything else I could think of get in the way of the impulse I needed to put myself to work and pushed my giant drive to the bottom of my to do list.

So here I am, using the ever growing technology world to let all of those ideas loose. With Summer starting, and a new pattern of life emerging, I have decided to take on a big task: starting (& maintaining) a blog. After watching a few youtube videos on how to get started, I gathered that I needed a focus, something that will tie all my posts together nicely. It wasn’t long before I realized that that is not something that I can successfully achieve, because it is just not who I am. So, who am I? Although, I have grown a few feet since, that stylish little girl to the right, is me.  

I grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina (blog worthy, I’m sure), as a an outgoing and beyond talkative child.

“Sweetie, Mariana, can you stop talking a little so your brother can say something too?” a reasonable request from any father with two kids, but I guess I should mention my brother was merely 6 months old.

What could HE have possibly had to say? Needless to say, I was not a soft spoken. Things haven’t changed much; I still talk uncontrollably fast (which has earned me my Speedy Gonzales title), and I love to rock the fashionable satchels(: . After moving the United States at 12 years old, the clash of cultures began to shape who I have become today. Through the struggles and the accomplishments, I have gained a lot of perspective on many things, and with my incessant need to talk them out, a blog just makes sense, hence the title: A Little (perspective) on a Lot. That will my focus; the randomness of my thoughts and ideas that have helped me through the last 21 years of my life. I cannot say where it will lead, but it’s all starting with a little blog.


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